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How The Associated raised over $22,000 in "Round-Up" Change

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Baltimore, MD
The Associated strengthens and nurtures Jewish life by engaging and supporting community partners in Greater Baltimore, Israel and around the world

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$22,568.20 in Round-Up Spare Change Donations

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Since 1920, great things have happened in Jewish Baltimore. For the past 100 years, The Associated, alongside our family of supportive agencies, has been the cornerstone of building a dynamic community that cares for one another and inspires our neighbors to work together to create a world of good.

As the story of Jewish Baltimore unfolds, so does the story of The Associated. It’s the story of us: our family, our friends, our neighbors, all who have come before us and all who will come after us. In 1920, the two separate organizations serving the needs of German Jews and Jews of Eastern Europe realized that merging together would give them greater strength to meet the needs of the community.

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A little more than 20 years later, The Jewish Welfare Fund (JWF) was formed to effectively respond to appeals made by national and overseas organizations, largely due to the Nazi atrocities. Although housed in the same facility and led by the same executive director, the two organizations did not fundraise together; in fact, they held their campaigns on alternating years to avoid competition.