Stewardship on Auto-Pilot

Treat every donor like a VIP by sending automated text-messages based on actions they take


Hi Ashley, thank you for your gift of $50! It will help supply our families with the support they need for an entire month! 🙂💟

Jeremy Smith

Executive Director
Message Timing

Automatically text donors after a specific event occurs

Choose which donor action you’d like to create an automated response for and then write your message:

Welcome Message

One-Time Donation

Monthly Donation

Round-Up Donation

Monthly Gift Started

Enrolled in Round-Ups

Welcome Message

Text Message sent after Supporters Create an Account

Merge Tags

Personalize Messages Even when they're Automated

Make your auto-messages personal with merge tags to make each message specific to each of your supporters:

First Name

Last Name

Donation Date

Donation Amount

Organization Name


Add First Name, Last Name, Donation Amount and More!

Message Attachments

Spice up your text messages with images, videos, links and more!

Ask for a Donation

Add a donation link to your message in order to ask for support

Attach a Post

Send a post with your message to keep supporters updated

Add a Photo

Upload or create a photo with canva that you can add as an attachment

Add a Video

Upload a video or paste a YouTube URL to add a video to your message

Choose a GIF NEW

Use our built-in Giphy integration to choose a GIF as an attachment

Link to a Campaign

Provide a link to one of your campaigns in the message

Pricing Plans

Text Messaging

Choose a plan that's right for your organization

Basic $99/mo Premier $199/mo Enterprise Let's Talk
Text Messaging
Texts / Month 1,000 5,000 50,000+
Templates & Lists
Image + Video Attachments
Text2Give Keywords
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