Social Proof

Real-Time Donation
Notifications on your Website

Social Proof shows notifications of real people making donations to your organization, boosting conversions by up to 10%


Show credibility with real-time notifications

By adding a single snippet of code, you can automatically showcase your lastest donations. Overall, this helps provide credibility to your website and your organization's cause!


Turn your Website into a Donation Wall

With social proof, your website visitors can see recent donations as pop-ups at the bottom of your page which ultimately help convert them into supporters!

This is the coolest feature! We use social pressure tactics at our events, why not on our websites as well? It’s genius, I could watch these little bubbles pop up ALL DAY!
Julia Patrick — American Non-Profit Academy

Showcase your Donors

Victoria H.

Made a $50 Donation

Marcus B.

Made a $100 Monthly Gift

Taylor H.

Gave $19.86 in Round-Up

Megan R.

Made a $1,000 Donation

David S.

Made a $250 Donation

William H.

Made a $15 Montly Gift

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