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Allow donors to donate spare change from their everyday credit/debit card purchases with Round-Up

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Publix Grocery Stores

+ $0.50 Round-Up

Amazon Online Purchase

+ $0.75 Round-Up

Target Shopping Center

+ $0.10 Round-Up
How it Works

Round-Up Registration
in 3 Simple Steps

Your donors can easily sign up in seconds using your round-ups landing page or a button that you can place on your website


Create Account


Link a Card


Change Donated


Your supporters give wherever they swipe

Enrolled donors automatically Round-Up anywhere and everywhere they shop both in-store and online!

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Custom Branding

Your Logo & Branding
on Fundraising Pages

The powerful technology of Harness customized to fit your organizations brand! This allows you to seamlessly add it to your fundraising programs so donors know they're giving directly to your organization and not some website!

Small Change = Big Impact

Why Should We Use Round-Ups?

By donating with every purchase, a round-up donor's spare change can grow into a large donation over the course of time


Average Round-Up Donation

Each Purchase
Average Round-Up

With Round-Ups, you can create a whole new stream of recurring donations from your supporters who can only give a little at a time

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49 = Purchases per Month

The average round-up donor has 49 purchases per month on their card

$0.65 = Average Round-Up

The average round-up per purchase equates to around 65 cents per swipe

$384 per Donor / Year

Over the course of 12 months, the $32/month becomes $384 per year


Round-Ups Make Cents

With donors already using similar programs to budget their savings and investments, this is an easy way for them to add charitable giving into the mix!

Getting started was so easy! Transitioning technology is usually a tedious process, so I was thrilled that we were able to get up and running so fast! 😀

Round-Ups have helped us provide a different ask for a different segment of donors without taking away from our other fundraising programs!