GiveUp to GiveBack

What would you give up to donate?

Making the decision to donate isn't always easy and comes with opportunity costs. But what if you put that decision into a new perspective and made giving as easy as giving something up.
That's where GiveUp to GiveBack can help!

Ok - this is the part where Harness starts feeling like an extension of our development team. I run a small shop and the ability to instantly launch a fresh, plug and play campaign, legitimately saves me weeks at a time.
This platform is a no brainer!

Kevin Dietrich

Executive Director, United Way
How it Works

A new way for donors to look at donations

Put giving into perspective with some basic purchases that someone might be willing to give up for in order to donate!

A Purchased Song
A Cup of Coffee
A Glass of Wine
A Movie Ticket
A Shopping Trip
A Haircut
A Tank of Gas
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Try it Yourself

What would you give up?