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Create a Campaign in 4 Simple Steps

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    Title + Description

    Start your campaign with a title and description

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    Cover Photo

    Provide an appealing visual by uploading an image or creating a canva design in the campaign dashboard

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    Donation Goal

    Set an optional donation goal so that supporters can see the progress towards your fundraising goal

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    End Date + Time

    Create a sense of urgency by setting an end date & time to drive donations during a specific time range


Make Fundraising Social

With Harness, you can make your fundraising campaigns more social with donor walls, comments and sharing options!

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Harness Campaigns

Everything you need for great campaigns

Create amazing campaigns in minutes in your Harness Admin Dashboard. Campaigns include all of the following:

Images & Videos
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Donor Wall
Donations / Goal
End Date & Time
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Having used multiple fundraising platforms in the past, I didn’t expect anything extraordinary from yet another generic campaign page. I quickly realized Harness Campaigns were anything but generic. The Campaign + Checkout functionality is powerful. It allows me to launch and capture unique donor data from our highly differentiated campaigns, all at once!

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Amy Alley, Think Big for Kids
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