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Events & Tickets for
Nonprofit Organizations

Our fundraising events come with everything you need to throw a great event!

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Getting Started

Create Amazing Events

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    Start your event with a title, description & photo

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    Provide a location for your event and choose if it's online or in-person

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    Date & Time

    Set a date and time for your event so that attendees can add it to their calendar

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    Create various ticket types which can be either paid or free for attendees

Social Sharing

Maximize your Reach

With Harness, you can make it easy for your attendees to share and invite others to your event!

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Event Details

Everything you need for Great Events

Create amazing events in minutes in your Harness Admin Dashboard. Campaigns include all of the following:

Cover Photo
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Event Types
Date & Time
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We're excited to bring top of the line fundraising events to our platform to help you raise more + stress less!

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Events & Tickets

Take your Events to the Next Level

Take a demo with one of our Harness team members to learn more

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