About Us

Harness is a Nonprofit Fundraising Technology company that was started in 2016.
We strive to make fundraising simpler, more pleasant, and more human.

4 Years in Business
500+ Nonprofit Organizations
9.1 Net Promoter Score
Our Culture

Harness Core Values



Be there for your teammates and our partners, always



Strive to be the best at what you do and always give your best



Be willing to change and adapt with an all-in mindset



Dream big and take a chance on creating something special



Leave everything on the field, our team will pick you up



Be the strongest link while taking pride in your work


Our Story

Back in 2015, our Founders, Miraj & Andrew were leading student philanthropy efforts supporting several non-profits at the University of Florida. After 4 years of participation and several thousands raised in donations, Miraj received an email asking if he’d like to “learn more” and “donate” to a cause he’d already been proudly championing for so long.

It didn’t feel right. In fact, it felt bad. As if all of his efforts ー and dollars raised ー in years prior didn’t matter anymore. A new year simply meant the same, ungratifying, transactional experience for even the most loyal supporter.

Shortly thereafter, Miraj vented about his experience to Andrew, who was just finishing his Masters in Entrepreneurship program. Andrew noted that a common theme across the highest performing For-Profit companies was their transition in approach toward an unwavering commitment to customer experience and relationship building. An approach where companies no longer viewed customers as one-time revenue generators, rather as potential life-long champions of their brand who could drive recurring revenue well into the future.

This left a burning question in their heads: if subscription businesses models were excelling in the For-Profit space, why were their Non-Profit counterparts not adopting a similar approach? Eureka! Subscription Philanthropy was born.


Our Team

Our team is more than just our back-bone, it’s our entire body! We’ve got developers, designers, marketers, entry-level professionals, seasoned executives, jokesters, musicians, foodies, fashionistas, movie producers, and even a Swiftie or two. We work, play, and grow together. We do well, while doing good.

At Harness, whether we're working at the home office or the office office, we’re better together.

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