Maximize Donations
with a Simple Ask

Prompt donors to give less today in order to increase their impact over time

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How it Works

Learn how our SmartAsk™ increases donations by 350%

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    Donor Starts a One-Time Donation

    Our SmartAsk asks them if they'd like to lower that gift to something more convenient that they could give on a recurring basis each month

  • 2

    Chooses a Smaller Recurring Gift

    Although your organization is receiving less today, our automatically calculated smartask amount leads to a 350% increase over the course of the year

We knew Smart Ask was working when we began seeing several monthly donations for odd amounts coming in. It’s amazing, we didn’t change a thing, this is literal revenue that we were just leaving on the table before Harness.

Jim Beaudoin Jr.

Executive Director, Puyallup Food Bank
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